The British company Trust House Fortes decided in 1962 to turn this magnificent 450 hectare estate bordering on the Atlantic Ocean in the Algarve into a luxury holiday destination for tourists. Consisting of hectares of pine trees and a lovely long sandy beach it offered an attractive potential. This was a bold move by this company as the Algarve culture at that time consisted of farmers, and the fishing and canning industry. The only practical access to the region was by road from Lisbon which was often narrow and not always in good repair. Townhouses, villas and a 18 hole golf course designed by Sir Henry Cotton was built and Vale do Lobo quickly become a popular destination with the UK market.
The scene improved further with the opening of the Faro Airport in 1966 making the Algarve more quickly accessible to Europe. However, due to the Portuguese policy all flights from Faro were limited to Lisbon Airport thereby often making long delays for the travellers in the journey. In 1989 a new terminal was inaugurated at Faro and this outdated policy no longer applied with direct flights being allowed from all over Europe.
In 1977 the Dutch entrepreneur Sander van Gelder who had first visited Vale do Lobo in 1970 took over its ownership. Recognising its constant attractive potential he increased the facilities by adding another 18 hole golf course and many facilities including bars, shops and restaurants. During the next 30 years van Gelder changed the face of Vale do Lobo Resort to become an important European location in the blooming holiday market.
Towards the end of 2006 a combination of Portuguese and international investors together with the Portuguese national bank Caixa Geral de Depósitos acquired the development from van Gelder. Serious investment has been made to update the luxury faculties together with new projects of villas and apartments, a luxury Spa, a modern Medical Centre, a large active Tennis Centre, the Golf, Sports & Spa Centre of Barringtons and the luxury Dunas Douradas Resort.
Today, there are 15 first class restaurants offering Mediterranean cuisine to fine-dining. During the year there are many art and musical events. Holiday makers will find a well-stocked Supermarket for their home catering and many attractive boutiques offering luxury or essential items. Also, a heavy emphasis is placed on overall security and the whole Resort is subject to constant vigilance.

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